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The Graphic Stylings of The Roem

Alan  D. SmilieThis is a fairly new feature to SE. This section was merged from the now inactive SE 2. Thanks to a certain creative inspiration, I've finally got more to add to this section besides the smilies.

Please do not take these and claim them as your own. Unlike some other smilie archives, these are originals. If you want to use them on your site and/or message board/forum, please e-mail me first and ask. Don't worry...I pretty much always say yes. After that, a link back on your site if you use them would be nice :) Everything in adventures in photo editing is strictly prohibited from use anywhere.

The Smilie Empire

Standard Smilies | Dual Smilies | Bigger Smilies

Adventures in Photo Editing

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Permitted Sites
(any site not on this list using original graphics from this site stole 'em :p)

BBRoundtable Forums The Deathwyrm Inn
Lands of Terrawin

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