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Weird Al Parody Page

Here we have lyrics to my favorite song parodies by Weird Al Yankovic. His videos are the best, but the songs themselves are a riot if you know how the originals go. All of these lyric pages are text files and will open up in a new window. Enjoy!

Achy Breaky Song Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus
Addicted to Spuds Addicted to Love Robert Palmer
Alimony Mony Mony Billy Idol
It's All About the Pentiums It's All About the Benjamins Puff Daddy
Amish Paradise Gangsta's Paradise Coolio
Another One Rides the Bus Another One Bites the Dust Queen
Bedrock Anthem Give it Away Red Hot Chili Peppers
Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies Money For Nothing Dire Straits
The Brady Bunch The Safety Dance Men Without Hats
Eat It Beat It Michael Jackson
Fat Bad Michael Jackson
Girls Just Want to Have Lunch Girls Just Want to Have Fun Cyndi Lauper
Grapefruit Diet Zoot Suit Riot Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Gump Lump The Presidents of the USA
Headline News Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Crash Test Dummies
I Can't Watch This U Can't Touch This M.C. Hammer
I Love Rocky Road I Love Rock 'n Roll Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Isle Thing Wild Thing Tone Loc
I Think I'm a Clone Now I Think We're Alone Now Tiffany
I Want a New Duck I Want a New Drug Huey Lewis & The News
Lasagna La Bamba Los Lobos
Like a Surgeon Like a Virgin Madonna
Living With a Hernia Living in America James Brown
Livin' in a Fridge Livin' on the Edge Aerosmith
Phony Calls Waterfalls TLC
Pretty Fly For a Rabbi Pretty Fly(for a white guy) Offspring
Ricky Mickey Toni Basil
Theme From Rocky XIII Eye of the Tiger Survivor
She Drives Me Crazy She Drives Me Crazy Fine Young Cannibals
Smells Like Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana
Taco Grande Rico Suave Gerardo
The Saga Begins American Pie Don McLean
The White Stuff The Right Stuff New Kids on the Block
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