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Welcome to Awards Page 13!

Uh oh, page 13....is this going to be the unlucky page....I don't think so!! What can I say, I'm not superstitious. Anyway, to all those who've visited and awarded my site, I say thanks for your time and recognition. Both are greatly appreciated.

Award Comments
Tristen's  World Gold Award 11/6/99
Tristen's World Gold Award


Great job on your site. I am pleased to award you the "Gold Award" for your site. I was very impressed. Keep up the great work *smile*

Universal  Charm Award 11/10/99
Universal Charm Award

Congratulations, I am proud to announce that you are among the recipients of the highly elite, Audrey's Universal Charm Award! Your hard work and
dedication is evident throughout your site, so you definitely deserve to be honoured.

Queen  Award 11/20/99
Queen Award

<The comments for this award are in the form of an fairly extensive review which I can't fit into this little box. So let's just say the reviewer thought my site was pretty good and leave it at that>

Golden  Excellence Award 11/21/99
Golden Excellence Award

I have created a Special Edition Excellence Award for previous winners. You can not apply for this award and it will not be available anywhere except if it is sent personally by myself.

Golden  Site Award 11/21/99
Golden Site Award

Hi Roemello,

Congratulations, you have won a Gold award for your superb web site at http://spiffyentertainment.8m.com I will be proud to have a Planet Gif award on such a quality site.

WarmEmbers  Merit Award 11/23/99
WarmEmbers Merit Award

Congratulations!! Your site has been awarded WarmEmbers' Merit Award, for your Great achievement in web design, Again congratulations on a job well done!

The  Rumbles Silver Award 11/25/99
The Rumbles Silver Award

Congrats on winning the Rumbles Silver Award! We found your site to be very well done.

Night  Badger's Award of Excellence 12/1/99
Night Badger's Award of Excellence

Hi, Congratulations you have won my "Award of Excellence"! I remember your site and I appreciate all the hard work that you have done since I last visited it. Excellent job you have done and I will recommend to my friends. I think your Awards Program is excellent too, really like the way you have done it, great design, lay out and easy navigation. Stick by the criteria too, yours is an award I would be proud to win! Thanks for inviting me by and thanks for keeping the net a safe, fun, friendly and entertaining place for all! Walk in Peace...
Night Badger

Night  Badger's Family Friendly Award 12/1/99
Night Badger's Family Friendly Award

<Comments for this award are the same as above>

Great,  Amazing, Extraordinary Award 12/2/99
Great!, Amazing!, Extraordinary! Award

Thank you for applying to my General Award. I choose you as a winner after reviewing your web page. Your page is great and I enjoyed the music, so I'm offering you this award for your excellent work.

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