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Welcome to Awards Page 15!

It never ceases to amaze me how each time I get an award, my site seems to improve in some way. These awards kind of turn the gears of my creative mind in a way. Well as always, to my awarders, your time and recognition are both greatly appreciated!

Award Comments
Webmaster  Silver Award 12/17/99
Webmaster Silver Award

Hi and Congratulations!

I am pleased to announce that your submission for my "Webmaster Award of Excellence" has been approved. Your site was reviewed against our criteria, you have won the Webmaster SILVER Award!! Job well done! :o)

Millennium  Award 12/18/99
Millennium Award

Congratulations, You have won the Millennium Award. I had a great time at Spiffy Entertainment.

Dragon's  Lair Award of Excellence 12/25/99
Dragon's Lair Award of Excellence

You have more then earned my humble award. I very much enjoyed my visit to your site.

Bronze  Quill Award 12/28/99
Bronze Quill Award

Congratulations! Your site has earned Ritchie Secretarial Service's Bronze Quill Award for Excellence. Your Website is well organized and fun to visit. Your code and graphics are very nice.

Gr8  Entertainment Award 1/4/00
Gr8 Entertainment Award

Thank you, your page is great and you really need this award to top of the rest of your awards!

Private  Eye Excellence Award 1/7/00
Private Eye Excellence Award


We have reviewed your site and felt it deserving of our Private Eye Excellence Award. There is no doubt you obviously worked long and hard to make the Internet a better place.

Docu-Type's  Superb Choice Award 1/11/00
Docu-Type's Superb Choice Award

From all of us here at DOCU-TYPE Administrative Services, we would like to thank you for your web site award submission. We looked through your site and have come to one conclusion......IT'S GREAT! And, because we like it so much, we are proud to honour you with Docu-Type's "Superb Choice" Award.

HavenHood's  Outstanding Achievement Award 1/11/00
HavenHood's Outstanding Achievement

Congratulations Roemello,

We feel privileged to be in a position that allows us to give you the 'Outstanding Achievement Award'. We could see that your a very competent designer and your style stands above and beyond the average Webmaster. To us, you have shown an outstanding level of HTML design and knowledge.

This is how we felt about your site!
30 in each category and 90 possible!
Impression: 25|Content : 29|Navigation: 27
Total = 81

Otakou  Creative Design Award 1/12/00
Otakou Creative Design Award

Otakou is proud to have you on its winners list. Your web site has given much pleasure to myself during the evaluation and I was very impressed with the standard of quality you provided for viewing. I am fully aware that much time and effort goes into the creation of web sites and I hope that you view this Award as a reflection of your achievement.

Niteowl's  Gold Award - My 150th Award!!! 1/14/00
Niteowl's Gold Award

Hi Roemello:

This is Jack and Linda from Niteowl's Place We have visited your site and found it very interesting and a beautiful site and we would be honored if you would accept our award.

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