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Welcome to my Second Awards Page!

Never thought I'd actually get so many awards that I'd need two pages to cover them. Though I am quite happy that I have gotten so many. As I said in the first awards page, thank you all for the awards....They give me a little more incentive to continue to improve and keep this place enjoyable.

Awards Comments
Flint's  Hot Site Award 6/19/99
Flint's Hot Site Award


Hello you have a great website. Please let me know when you have the award up and I will add you to my winners list.

Site  of Bronze Web Award 6/24/99
Site of Bronze Web Award

Congratulations!! You've won the Site of Bronze Web Award from Amanda's Web Realm. Keep up the good work!

Team  Creations Compliments Award 6/27/99
Compliments Award

Thank you for the opportunity to look at your website. Our Germany and USA Team Creations staff performed a complete web site evaluation consisting of loading speed, use of graphics, links, theme and overall layout. Your site scored very well and we are pleased to present
you our Award.

Super  Homepage Award 6/29/99
Super Homepage Award
Mesweet's  Gold Award 7/1/99
Mesweet's Gold Award

I apologize for my delay in reviewing your site. I always enjoy visiting sites that have so much variety. I could tell you have put alot of time into your site. From your Photography info to your horoscopes, all were done in style. Keep up the great work.

LEIP Smokin'  Award 7/2/99
LEIP Smokin' Award

Thank you for applying for one of the 1999 LEIP Award. You have a great web site....I am sure you have put plenty of time and effort into it.

Twilight's  Outstanding Site Award 7/2/99
Twilight's Outstanding Site Award

I did enjoy my visit to your site and hope you will consider the things mentioned above. If these are changed, then I would love for you to re apply for my Excellent Website award. I didn't make this judgement alone as normal, I had a web designer friend check it out also. He agreed about those colors and thinks if that changes to better viewed text color presentation, then yes, An Excellent Site this is :)

GuestDirect's  Gold Standard Award 7/3/99
GuestDirect's Gold Standard Award

Your link has been added to Gold Standard Winners Directory.

FabFour  Award in Bronze 7/3/99
FabFour Award in Bronze

You created a good site. Although it is a bit hard to read the light text on top of the backgrounds. You have good content, with the wealth of information about Mythology. Congratulations, you have been awarded the Bronze FabFour Honors!

ScorpioSite  Cool Site Award 7/4/99
ScorpioSite Cool Site Award

Hi & Congrats.

Great Site - A worthy winner.

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