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History of Major Updates to Spiffy Entertainment

Ok, first off let me tell you exactly what this page is. This is basically just a history of the additions to this site up to now. This does not include every little update and I'm not going to be placing every little update that's done to this site as that would make this page way too long. This is just a list and description of major additions to the site. The additions are listed from the most recent, down to before the actual initial launch of the site.

There's a lot more to this site's history than this. Check out the 2000 updates and 1999 updates!

7/7/07 - Naturally I had to make an update with this kind of date. Finished and uploaded a complete redesign of the Zelda Section! Much more appealing and cleaner layout.

4/18/07 - And after another two years, ANOTHER big change! The wrestling section is now officially finished. Since I haven't been keeping up with it in a couple years, and I've kinda lost interest, I've replaced the entire section with a new photography section! A new hobby of mine, so there'll be a good bit of unique content put in there fairly regularly.

9/14/05 - First addition to the site in over 2 years! YOWZA! New photo manipulations added to the Graphics section.

6/20/04 - Finally... FINALLY I've made the move over to my new domain. I know... I haven't done all that much with this place over the last year or two, but between the limitations of free hosting and running a few other sites, I kinda tossed this in the corner. But now that I'm on quality hosting, I got a lot more plans for this site (aside from getting it up to date). Having a new comp is also helping get me back into the swing of things. So all is good with SE now... no more "bandwidth exceeded" crap... the site's here to stay.

4/30/03 - Added Wind Waker-Nintendo Gallery page to Zelda section.

4/22/03 - Added Wind Waker-Great Sea page to Zelda section.

4/17/03 - Added Wind Waker main page to the Zelda section.

11/6/02 - Added World Heavyweight Champions (RAW) and WWE World Tag Team Champions (Smackdown!) to the Wrestling section.

7/30/02 - Site re-design completed and uploaded. Enjoy!

7/26/02 - More additions, deletions and one page change:

  • Added: Standard Smilies, Dual Smilies, Bigger Smilies and 9/00-7/02 Winners List
  • Deleted: Favorite Lines, 5.0-4.0 ratings, 3.5 ratings and 3.0 ratings
  • Changed: Downloads page into Graphics page

7/25/02 - Spiffy Entertainment 2 has been merged with this site. There was also an addition and some deletions to the site as follows:

  • Added: Awards Index
  • Deleted: SE Midi/Lyric Page, Joke of the Week, Interaction Zone and Love/Hate Poem.

7/24/02 - Complete re-design of entire site underway yet again.

4/15/02 - Took out the Dragon's Den page today. Running really low on web space, so I had to cut something out and that was it unfortunately. Also temporarily discontinued the joke of the week due to time constraints.

12/28/01 - Ok, I haven't made any new additions, but just wanted to point out that I am still alive and so is this site. It's been a busy year, so I didn't have much time to get much together. I've also dedicated a lot of time helping run 80sXchange. I still update things as best I can and from the e-mails I've gotten, the site's still being enjoyed (and the fact I went over my bandwith limit in about a week, says a lot for the site's popularity). Sometime late next year or early 2003 I plan on getting a domain and better hosting...stay tuned and thanks for visiting!

7/31/01 - Added two new pages to the Legend of Zelda section:

  • Items of Seasons
  • Items of Ages

7/12/01 - Added Livesay page to Back to the 80's section.

7/4/01 - Wrestling commentary has been discontinued due to inability to update on time.

6/26/01 - Added two new pages to the Oracle sub-sections:

  • Dungeons of Seasons
  • Dungeons of Ages

6/25/01 - Added two new sub-sections to the Legend of Zelda section:

  • Oracle of Seasons
  • Oracle of Ages

4/1/01 - Added Zelda 4 sub-section to Legend of Zelda section. Pages include:

  • Zelda 4 Mainpage
  • Koholint Island
  • Nightmare Dungeons
  • Zelda 4 Items
  • Heart Piece Locations
  • The Trading Sequence
  • Secret Seashell Locations

3/20/01 - Added 'Top 50 Movies of the 80's' to the 'Back to the 80's' section.

3/17/01 - Hooked up with 80sXchange to provide the ultimate 80's forum here at S.E.

3/14/01 - Added WWF Women's Title History to the Wrestling section.

3/7/01 - Split Intercontinental Title History into two pages.

3/6/01 - Re-designed the S.E. Awards program and enhanced a few graphics in the Zelda section.

3/2/01 - Retired the Trials of the Dragon King due to lack of interest.

3/1/01 - Added Keaton's Quiz to Legend of Zelda section.

2/19/01 - Finished and uploaded a complete re-design to the site. This is my best ever...hope everyone enjoys it.

2/6/01 - Added "80's Memories" pages to the Back to the 80's Section. Pages include:

  • 1980 Memories, 1981 Memories, 1982 Memories, 1983 Memories, 1984 Memories
  • 1985 Memories, 1986 Memories, 1987 Memories, 1988 Memories, 1989 Memories

2/2/01 - Added Creative Excellence Winners page to Awards Program.

1/29/01 - Added Resource Excellence Merit Winners page to Awards Program.

1/19/01 - Added Awards Page 24.

1/5/01 - Split the Figures of Greek mythology from 3 pages to 6. Spit the WCW U.S. Title History into two pages. Also added a Sources and Resources page to the Greek myth section. After all the dust had settled, here's the new pages that were added:

  • Greek myth: Sources and Resources
  • Greek myth: Figures A-B (changed from A-H)
  • Greek myth: Figures C-D (changed from I-Q)
  • Greek myth: Figures E-H (changed from R-Z)
  • Greek myth: Figures I-O
  • Greek myth: Figures P-R
  • Greek myth: Figures S-Z
  • WCW U.S. Champions Page 2
  • Site History/Major Updates 2000
  • Creative Excellence Merit Winners

1/3/01 - Split the WCW World title history page and added WCW World Champs Page 2.

There's a lot more to this site's history than this. Check out the 2000 updates and 1999 updates!

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