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Greek Mythology Section

---Sources and Resources

Figures of Greek Mythology
Figures: A-B
---Figures: C-D
---Figures: E-H
---Figures: I-O
---Figures: P-R
---Figures: S-Z

Tales of Greek Mythology
---Legend of Apollo
---Tale of Arachne
---How Zeus Came to Power
---12 Trials of Heracles
---Achilles: Legendary Warrior
---Darkside of Greek Myth
----->The Underworld Rivers
----->Charon: The Ferryman
---Myth Behind Winter & Spring
---The Tale of Pandora
---Narcissus & Echo
---The Apple of Discord
---Hera's Revolt Against Zeus
---Origin of the Zodiac
---Mythology of the Planets
---Aphrodite: Goddess of Love & Beauty
---Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt
---Poems of Greek Mythology
---Legend of Perseus
---Myth Behind Dreams

About Me Section

---Personality Quiz Results
---1988 Picture
----->Misty's Shrine
-------->Kitty Videos

Back to the 80's Section

---80's Music Lyrics
---80's Music Flashback
---80's Wordsearch
---Top 50 Movies of the 80's
---80's Television Listing
---80's Cartoons Listing

80's Memories Year by Year
---1980 Memories
---1981 Memories
---1982 Memories
---1983 Memories
---1984 Memories
---1985 Memories
---1986 Memories
---1987 Memories
---1988 Memories
---1989 Memories

Win My Award (Awards Program)

---Basic Criteria
---Awards Shrine
---FAQ Page
---Current Winners List
---9/00-7/02 Winners list
----->Previous Design of Elegance Winners
----->Previous Creative Excellence Winners
----->Previous Resource Excellence Winners
---Previous Winners 2000
---Previous Winners 1999
---Current Merit Award Winners
----->Previous Design Merit Winners
----->Previous Creative Merit Winners
----->Previous Resource Merit Winners
---Privacy Policy

Miscellaneous Pages

Joke Archive

Weird Al Parody Page
Site History/Major Updates
Site History/Major Updates 2000
Site History/Major Updates 1999
My Gifts & Prizes
BBRT Forums

Legend of Zelda Section

---History of Hyrule
---Zelda MIDI
---Zelda 1 Mainpage
----->Zelda 1 Items
---Zelda 2 Mainpage
----->The Palaces
----->The Caverns
----->The Towns
----->Zelda 2 Items
---Zelda 3 Mainpage
----->Zelda 3 Heart Containers
----->Zelda 3 Items
----->Light World
-------->Light World Palaces
----->Dark World
-------->Dark World Palaces
---Zelda 4 Mainpage
----->Koholint Island
----->Nightmare Dungeons
----->Zelda 4 Items
----->Heart Piece Locations
----->The Trading Sequence
----->Secret Seashell Location
---Ocarina of Time Mainpage
----->Ocarina of Time Items
----->Ocarina of Time Heart Containers
----->Biggoron Sword
----->Skulltula Locations
----->Big Poe Locations
---Majora's Mask Mainpage
----->24 Masks of Termina
----->Bottle Locations
----->Keaton's Quiz
----->Majora Heart Containers
-------->Clock Town Hearts
-------->Termina & Romani Hearts
-------->Woodfall Swamp Hearts
-------->Mtn. Village & Moon Hearts
-------->Great Bay Coast Hearts
-------->Ikana Canyon Hearts
---Oracle of Seasons
----->Dungeons of Seasons
----->Items of Seasons
---Oracle of Ages
----->Dungeons of Ages
----->Items of Ages
---The Wind Waker
----->The Great Sea
----->Nintendo Gallery

Graphics Section

---Photo Editing
---Standard Smilies
---Dual Smilies
---Bigger Smilies

Spiffy Entertainment Arcade

---Missile Commando
---Space Invaders

Awards Won Section

Awards Listing Index
---Awards Index

Awards Pages
---Awards Page 1
---Awards Page 2
---Awards Page 3
---Awards Page 4
---Awards Page 5
---Awards Page 6
---Awards Page 7
---Awards Page 8
---Awards Page 9
---Awards Page 10
---Awards Page 11
---Awards Page 12
---Awards Page 13
---Awards Page 14
---Awards Page 15
---Awards Page 16
---Awards Page 17
---Awards Page 18
---Awards Page 19
---Awards Page 20
---Awards Page 21
---Awards Page 22
---Awards Page 23
---Awards Page 24

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