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Joke Archive

Need more to laugh at? Well here you go then. This is the archive of the best jokes of the week from my old joke of the week page.

There's only clean jokes in the archive to keep the site "decent." Most people already know all the dirty ones anyway, so why re-hash it?

Not so recently added to the joke section is my Weird Al Parody Page! On this page you'll find lyrics to the best of Weird Al's music parodies from the 80's and 90's. Very funny stuff!


Trial of the Cannibals

Explaining Gov't using Cows

Signs of a Drinking Problem

A Few Facts of Life

How to Annoy People

Classes for Men

Forest Improvements

The Quickie

The General's Coat

Mistaken Identity

Chicken Joke

Fortune Cookies

Stupid Instructions

Classroom Antics Pt. I

Sermon Entertainment

Computer Lab Antics Pt. I

Quote the Raven

Cab Driver and the Preacher

Interview for the C.I.A.

Comparing Dogs to Women

Elevator Annoyance

Fast Food Application

Feel Like a Woman

One Wish

Speaking Politically Correct


Bohemian Rhapsody (Star Wars Edition)

If Pulled Over, Don't Say...

Funky Bumper Stickers

Alcohol at Work

Missionary Controversy

Classroom Antics Pt. II

Answering Machine Messages

Computer Lab Antics Pt. II

Suess Trek

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