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Just Who Am I Anyway?

I just realized after quite a while, that this page was way too dull. Not only that, but it was too long. Has anyone actually read everything that was here? I can't believe I wrote all that stuff before. So with that, I've condensed this page as much as I could.

Ok, a few basics are always customary to a personal page. I Live in Massachusetts... what part can be guessed through perusal of my photography section. Next I suppose is stats. I'm in my early 30s, 5'9 and my weight likes to float around the 155-160 area. Give or take a few as my metabolism is off the wall. It's all good though...I work out regularly, so I'm in good condition. If you want to see for yourself, journey over to my pictures page (but not yet, you still have to read a little more here). Graduated Community College and got my Associates in business in June 1999...graduated from a "real" college in May 2002, earning my Bachelors in Business Administration.

Ok, so how did I look? I know you disobeyed and went to my pics after I said to wait. I know these things. Anyway, interests...I have a few of those to ramble off. Pretty much everything on this site is an interest of mine. Mythology, photography, web/graphic design, games, etc. Music is a major one as well with a lot of emphasis on 80s & early 90s. I listen to literally everything though except country and those wretched boy bands.

Hobbies you ask? Even if you didn't ask, I'm spilling ' Web/graphic design is obviously one. I've run and helped run a few major communities & sites for over a decade. Now I just take care of my own. Time isn't as abundant as it once was. I've made other sites as well... some are gone now, some are still around, but nothing I think worth noting. The other major one is photography, which has grown to be my #1 hobby and then some. Maybe someday I can take it further.

Talents? That's a fairly long list. I'm something of a multi-talent excelling to an extent in about everything I get into. Did I also mention how modest I am? LOL! I mentioned the photography a second ago, so I'll point in that direction... my little recently discovered talent: Photography Galleria.

Ok, a couple other things I didn't get to fit in above are results to some personality tests I've taken on-line as well as a couple pics of me as a kid (which you've probably already seen if you peaked into the pics page already). If you didn't, bravo to you. Before you go, let me point out I have a guestbook if you're one of the nice people who actually sign those.

Ok, I'm done...and I still managed to write half a novel. At least it doesn't read out in monotone to put you to sleep. Now you can go off wherever you please and enjoy the rest of the site :)

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