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Time To Go Back in Time. . .

Welcome to my 80's section! This used to just be one page of lyrics, but now I've expanded it a little. In this section you'll find playlists and lyrics to my "Back to the 80's" mix tape compilations, an original flashback at some of the music stars of the era, an interactive 80's wordsearch, top 50 movies, lists of the great TV shows and cartoons of the 80's. Now that I'm finished running my mouth again, enjoy this section! If you're an 80's child or teen, this should be a somewhat enjoyable flashback for you.

Listen to the best online 80's radio station today! Club 977: The 80's Channel. All 80's music 24-7.

80's Sterio System

Click Here to see what's playing now! To tune in, just click the blue arrow on the sterio for your connection speed.

Take a Look Back at This Memorable Decade...Year by Year...

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Reminice on Some More 80's Memories!

80's Music Lyrics - This page has playlists and lyrics to my currently five volume set of 80's compilation tapes. Some of the greatest hits of the decade are there...take a look!

Music of the 80's: The stars and music that made it great - This is a somewhat humorous flashback of a few of the big names (and I stress only a few), that made the 80's music scene what it was. This is a completely original work written by me. If you want to publish it on your site, just e-mail me and ask. All that I'd require is a credit.

80's Word Search - Finally, I've found a way to utilize this thing. I have to host it at a different server since this one doesn't allow full access to files. Anyway, test your puzzle skills with my 80's Word Search! There's four different puzzles: 80's music, 80's cartoons, 80's movies, and 80's TV shows. This word search is no pen & paper thing either, it's a fully interactive applet!

Top 50 Movies of the 80's - No, it's not an official list. This is just my personal top 50 based on how well the movies did in the box office and most importantly....how much I liked them.

80's Television - Here's a pretty decently large list of the great shows of the eighties. Looking through this list should spark up some old memories.

80's Cartoons - Much like 80's TV, if you're a child of the eighties, this list of cartoons should bring back some more memories.

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